Fishing Resources
We want to help you get the most out of your fishing experience. Whether it's for the first time or the 100th time, we hope these resources will get you started and help you find your next outdoor memory.

Michigan Trout Trails
A great resource to find a fishable river or stream with trout in it!

Michigan’s Blue Ribbon Trout Streams
A Blue Ribbon Trout Stream must meet certain standards or criteria.  It must be one of Michigan’s best trout streams, be able to support excellent stocks of wild resident trout, have the physical characteristics to permit fly casting but shallow enough to wade, produce diverse insect life and good fly hatches, have earned a reputation for providing an excellent (quality) trout fishing experience, and have excellent water quality.

Michigan’s Best Waters to Fly Fish for Wild Trout,4570,7-153-10364_52261-284383--,00.html
A spreadsheet listing the specific location of the best stretches of trout streams in Michigan. 

Michigan Fishing Regulations,4570,7-153-10364_63235-211883--,00.html
Don’t be a bad sportsman.  Follow the rules and ensure fishing stays a fun and sustainable pastime.  If you are unsure of the regulations, your local DNR service center is glad to help!

Angler Rights on Public Streams
Know your rights as an angler and enjoy your fishing experience to the fullest extent.

Michigan Parks and Trails Finder
Why restrict yourself to one day of fishing?  Make it a weekend experience and stay in a campground nearby!  You can hike the trails as well if the fishing doesn’t pan out…

Michigan DNR Fish Stocking Database
Find out when and where the DNR stocks fish, how many, and what size.

Volunteer with Trout Unlimited
Think about it.  You just worked on a volunteer project to improve fish habitat in a specific spot in the stream.  You now know exactly where the fish are going to be!  Plus you will have worked with other trout fishing enthusiasts who would be more than happy to tell you other great fishing spots and share their fishing tips.  Not to mention you will be ensuring quality fishing habitat for future generations.

Trout Tips
Tips and tricks for the intricacies of trout fishing to make things easier for you so you can be more successful on the water.

Four Kinds of Flies
An explanation and examples of the four different fly patterns used when fly fishing

Basic Knowledge of Fly Fishing Leaders Cures Beginner Casting Woes
The leader connects your fly line to the tippet.  A proper sized leader will help you have better casts.

How to choose the right tippet size
Your fly is tied to the end of the tippet.  What size tippet you use depends on the size of fly, the weather, and the stream conditions.

USGS Topographic Quadrangle Maps by County,4570,7-153-10371_14793-31264--,00.html
You can use these free topo maps to find good fishing spots.  One spot to look is where the topo lines cross the stream and compare it with what you see on the Google Earth satellite imagery.

Michigan Hatch Chart
Chart for common stream insects of Michigan with their estimated hatch dates and times
A fly fishing encyclopedia of stream insects with detailed close up pictures to aid in identification

Macroinvertebrate Key
A basic key to identifying fish food (aka macroinvertebrates)

The Catch and the Hatch website free content
Free articles and guides to improve your fishing experience