Rooted in Science

Rooted in Science

Science is the heart of natural resource management and is something we all can be united with. The continual intense study of different plants, animals, and ecosystems allows us to understand how it all works together. From this, we can develop the best management plan on the strongest foundation.

Brook Trout Habitat Suitability Model
A scientific review to determine the specific habitat requirements for brook trout

Connectivity of Streams and Wetlands to Downstream Waters: A Review and Synthesis of the Scientific Evidence (Final Report)
The report reviews more than 1,200 peer-reviewed publications and summarizes current scientific understanding about the connectivity and mechanisms by which streams and wetlands, singly or in aggregate, affect the physical, chemical, and biological integrity of downstream waters. The focus of the report is on surface and shallow subsurface connections by which small or temporary streams, nontidal wetlands, and open waters affect larger waters such as rivers, lakes, reservoirs, and estuaries.

What are the effects of wooded riparian zones on stream temperature?
A literature review to analyze results of various studies on riparian wooded zones effect on stream temperature.  Riparian wooded zones lower spring and summer stream maximum temperatures. 

Impacts of Timber Harvest and Production on Streams: A Review
A literature review analyzing the results of studies on forestry effects on streams.  Without proper BMPs in place, forestry can have drastic effects on streams.

Forest-Stream Linkages
A study analyzing the effects of timber harvesting on terrestrial insect and light input into streams and the resulting effects on brown trout diet.

Effects of forest clearcutting in New England on stream macroinvertebrates and periphyton
A study on the effects of clearcutting along streams.                                                              

The Effects of Forestry Practices on Stream Temperature: A Review of the Literature
A literature review to reflect the history and current state of knowledge on the effects of forestry practices on stream temperature.

Effects of Riparian Management Strategies on Stream Temperature
Literature Review to define the effects of various riparian management strategies on stream function, with a focus on temperature.

Effects of Riparian Forest Removal on Fish Assemblages in Southern Appalachian Streams
A study analyzing the effects of various lengths of cleared riparian zones on the density and distribution of various fish species.

Landscapes and Riverscapes
An article, referencing many different scientific studies, talking about different landscape changes, and their effects to varying degrees on the health of stream ecosystems.  The primary emphasis is on the large, watershed scale and how it all funnels down to the individual stream.

Streamflow and Water Quality
A literature review discussing the effects of clearcutting on streams.  Note that adherence to BMPs reduces the negative effects of clearcuts.