Forestry Impacts on Streams

Forestry Impacts on Streams

Forest management activities have the potential to effect streams in a multitude of ways if best management practices (BMPs) are not followed. Increased temperatures, erosion, pollution, and soil compaction are just a few of the impacts.

Outline of Forestry Impacts on Streams
A brief outline of forestry impacts on water resources

Logging Impacts
Brief overview of various forestry practices and their effect, if left unchecked, on the forest and streams. Note that BMPs were created to mitigate these issues.

Forestry Practices and Stream Ecosystems
Article describing the impacts forestry practices can have on streams if BMPs are not followed.  In addition, it talks about aquatic habitat concepts, lists some potential BMPs, and has a short list of definitions.

The Oregon Forest Practices Act Water Protection Rules
What Oregon has found through research and experience and are what they are doing for streams and riparian habitat.

Alaska Forest Practices
A website with a multitude of resources about forest practices in and around riparian zones.

Montana Forestry Best Management Practices
Guidance resource illustrating riparian buffer zones and the BMPs that help protect them.

Current Regulations, Guidelines and Best Management Practices Concerning Forest Harvesting and Riparian Zone Management.
This guidebook sets out specific management activities within RMAs to help balance ecological, social and economic values at the landscape and stand levels.  Good information in the Appendix.

Provides information to guide future stream protection and restoration efforts in Michigan, especially as they relate to the management of forests.

Wisconsin Forest Management Guidelines
Goal of this document is to establish basic, sensible concepts that outline responsible resource management at the site-level 

Effects of Forest Disturbance on Hydrologic Processes and Watershed Response
Describes how changes in forest cover, brought about by logging, insects, disease, fire, or forest regrowth, affect hydrologic processes at both the stand and watershed scale. 

Managing Woodlands for Wisconsin’s Coastal Trout Streams
Explains the basics of trout ecology, historical impacts to trout streams, forest and stream management goals and implications.