Forestry Basics

Forestry Basics

Forestry is a complex subject that ties in concepts from multiple subject areas. Understanding some of the terms and at least the basics of these concepts is key to sound forestry and natural resources management.

Michigan Association of Conservation Districts
Your local conservation district is one of the best places to start when thinking about land management. They have an abundance of information and can put you in contact with various other resource professionals. They even provide free site visits!

MDNR Private Forest Lands Program,4570,7-153-30301_34240---,00.html
Resources for landowners to help them gain physical and financial support.

MDNR Qualified Forest Program,4610,7-125-1599_28740-306518--,00.html
Encourages landowners to actively manage their privately owned forests for commercial harvest, wildlife habitat enhancement, and improvement of other non-forest resources.

Michigan Forest Association
Information for landowners, links to state and federal resources.

Woodland Stewardship Guide
Forest management guidebook for forest landowners.

An article summarizing what riparian zones are and how they work. The most general function of riparian forest buffer systems is to provide control of the stream environment.

Riparian Forest Buffers: Function and Design for Protection and Enhancement of Water Resources
A US Forest Service publication discussing riparian forest buffer function and design for protection and enhancement of water resources.

Forest Practices Illustrated
An illustrated guide to using BMPs in forest management
Washington's Forests and Fish program website. It talks about Washington's Forests and Fish Law and work done concerning fish habitat and road crossing improvements.

Montana Forestry Best Management Practices
Guidance resource illustrating riparian buffer zones and the BMPs that help protect them.

Riparian Buffer BMP Manual
A document detailing the benefits of riparian buffers, appropriate uses for them, and how to create and manage them.

Riparian Forest Buffers for Trout Habitat Improvement
A publication based on scientific article review that examines the benefits, design, establishment and maintenance of riparian forest buffers.

BMP landowner guides
A collection of guides to help understand and implement forestry BMPs. Covers crossings, managing for trout, and general practices.

Water Quality Management on Forest Land
A guidebook for landowners that describes responsible actions necessary for maintaining high quality water normally associated with their land.

Wisconsin Forest Management Guidelines
Goal of this document is to establish basic, sensible concepts that outline responsible resource management at the site-level.

Sustaining Minnesota Forest Resources
These voluntary site-level forest management guidelines provide valuable decision-making tools for landowners, resource managers and loggers. It has a "what to do" and a "why we do it" section.

Effects of Forest Disturbance on Hydrologic Processes and Watershed Response
Describes how changes in forest cover, brought about by logging, insects, disease, fire, or forest regrowth, affect hydrologic processes at both the stand and watershed scale.

Forest Management Publications (Pennsylvania)
Pennsylvania's DNRC website with a collection of forestry-related resources.

Riparian Forest Stewardship
Explains what a riparian forest is, the benefits of it, and how to protect it.